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Addiction Medicine at Groupement Nord - Hospices Civils de Lyon

About us

The addiction medicine service at Groupement Hospitalier Nord (GHN) is part of the hepatology department of the Croix Rousse hospital. It offers 5 types of care using medical, nursing, psychologic and social treatment.

  • Équipe de Liaison et de Soins en Addictologie (ELSA, Addiction Care and Liaison Team),

  • Centre de Soins, d’Accompagnement et de Prévention en Addictologie (CSAPA, Centre for Care, Support and Prevention in Addiction Medicine),

  • Addiction medicine consultation,

  • Addiction medicine and hepatology hospitalisation unit A2,

  • Addiction medicine day hospital.

ELSA team members work in a hospital setting; they provide consultations for all addiction types "at the patient's bedside" in all departments of the hospital. They also provide follow-up consultations. The team works in conjunction with structures within and outside of the hospital. They train hospital staff.

     ⇨ Download here the ELSA and GHN brochure (in French).


CSAPA provides care for:

  • Addiction to opioids (heroin, antalgics containing opioids) – opiod maintenance treatment program.

  • Psychostimulant dependence: cocaine, crack, ecstasy ("Stop Coke" program – Coke is short for Cocaine in French)

  • Sexual addiction (consultations and group therapy), hypersexuality, chemsex (use of addictive products in a sexual context). These consultations take place at the Centre de Santé et Sexualité (Centre for Health and Sexuality).

  • All types of addictions in pregnant patients and mothers of new-borns: a specialised consultation "pregnancy and addiction".

Download here the information brochure.

The addiction medicine service also offers:

  • Screening and care for viral pathologies (hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV)

  • Actions to reduce risks and damage, as well as the analysis of consumed products by thin layer chromatography (partnership with the CAARUD "Pause diabolo").

  • Hypnosis consultations.

  • Sexology consultations with a nurse.

  • A support group dedicated to women ("le café rencontre").

Download here our CSAPA brochure (in French).

Download here our Chemsex brochure (in French).

Download here our Pregnancy and Addiction brochure (in French) 


Addiction medicine consultations provide outpatient care for alcohol and tobacco use disorders. Private consultations include diagnosis, guidance and follow-up. As part of this follow-up, the team may offer to participate to energetic resonance by cutaneous stimulation (ERCS) sessions and the smoking cessation support group.

Addiction medicine and hepatology hospitalisation unit A2

​These are 14-day stays for complex withdrawal from all types of addiction. Care can take two forms: group (art therapy, sophrology, physiotherapy, psychomotricity, assertiveness training, cooking, medical information) and individual (psychotherapy, psychiatric and neuropsychological somatic assessments, ERCS, hypnoanalgesia).

Download here our unit A2 brochure (in French).

Addiction medicine day hospital

It is an outpatient program using both group and individual therapy; in parallel with classic addiction therapy, it provides psychotherapeutic care. These therapies allow for elaboration and exchange (writing group, group on emotions, art therapy group), an exploration of the psycho-body and emotional spheres (psychomotricity and sophrology).

Download here our day hospital brochure (in French).

Our team

Pr Fabien ZOULIM

Head of department

Dr François BAILLY 

Hépatologist / Addictologist
Pr Zoulim's assitant

Head of addiction medicine 

Dr Philippe Lack.jpg
Dr Philippe LACK

Head of CSAPA

Dr Olivier Lejeune.jpg

Hépatologist / Addictologist

Dr Philippe Joubert.jpg
Dr Philippe JOUBERT

Psychiatrist / 



Psychiatre / Addictologue

Dr Mathieu CHAPPUY 


Dr Nathalie Duvernay.jpg
Dr Nathalie DUVERNAY


Dr Olivier LEJEUNE
Dr Brigitte David.jpg
Dr Brigitte DAVID


Dr Marie Peyrat.jpg


Marianne BRET

Health Executive

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Hôpital de la Croix Rousse 

103 Grande rue de la Croix-Rousse

69004 LYON


Building C, first floor 

+33 4 26 73 25 90

Consultations, ELSA,  addiction medicine day hospital, unit A2 : 

+33 4 26 73 28 40

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