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About us

Un petit aperçu de l'équipe du SUAL Vinatier

The SUAL (Academic Department of Addiction Medicine in Lyon) is a university addiction medicine department providing care for outpatients from Lyon and its conurbation.


We are specialized in all types of addiction, and in the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults, whether they also suffer from an addiction or not.

The SUAL is a second-line expert consultation unit for all types of addictive disorders (drug addictions, behavioural addictions, resistance to treatment for common types of addiction). Alternative options of treatment may be offered in the framework of research protocols, at the initiative of the SUAL or with the collaboration of national or international addiction departments.

Finally,  the SUAL has an "Équipe de Liaison et de Soins en Addictologie" (ELSA, Addiction Care and Liaison Team) that visits the various psychiatric departments of Le Vinatier Hospital to meet hospitalized patients with addictive disorders.

Our team

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Pr Benjamin ROLLAND
PU-PH, Chef de Pôle
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Dr Christophe ICARD
PH, Chef de Service
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Monique GUENIN SUAL Lyon.jpeg
Dr Monique GUENIN
PH, Responsable de l'Unité d'Hospitalisation
Dr Faiza DEKHINET_edited.jpg
PH, Médecin Addictologue
Dr Mathieu CHAPPUY
PH, Pharmacien, Chef de Projet Recherche
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Sandra SUBOTIC SUAL Vinatier Lyon 2_edit
Mme Sandra SUBOTIC
Cadre de Santé, Consultations
Cadre de Santé, CSAPA

Contact us

Address:  Centre Hospitalier le Vinatier,

Building 502 (Revol, MOPHA center)

95 boulevard Pinel

69678 Bron Cedex, France

Phone number: +33 437 915 075


Public transports stop : Vinatier, tramway line T2.

Centre Hospitalier le Vinatier :

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