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Addictions, elsewhere. 



This series results from a partnership with the journal LE FLYER. This series of interviews of colleagues from all over the world explores the specificities of substance use and addiction medicine treatment in distant foreign countries. Both similarities and differences with the French model are explored.

A special thanks to Mustapha Benslimane, managing editor for Le Flyer, for his help with this series.



Pr Jørgen G. Bramness, from the Arctic University of Norway, explains the particularities of substance use and treatment in his country.


Read his interview here – in French.



Safe injection sites, baclofen, teaching addiction medicine: Dr Adam Pastor, Saint Vincent University (Melbourne), enlightens us on addiction medicine practices in Australia.


Read his interview here – in French



Professor Lekansh Shukla from Bangalore University, Karnataka State in India, initiates us to addiction-related realities in India, a country-continent made of 29 states, 8 of which are at least as populated as France.  


Read his interview here – in French.



Our colleague Dr Ernesto de Bernardis, addictologist in Syracuse, did us the kindness to describe how addiction medicine is structured in Italy, a much less centralised country than France, whose evolution was partly similar to ours over the past few years.


Read his interview here – in French.

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